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08 December 2012 @ 11:02 pm
Making Sure No One Died 'Til They Got Old  

First, watch that video. Play it loud.

I went internet-house hunting with roommate-to-be. (We found some to die for properties, so hopefully one of those will pan. Otherwise, doable ones.) When we took a lunch break, she told me to watch this. We did, three times. It's our favorite band, but there are a bunch of little things that made me go, "I KNOW THAT!" She made me turn up the music at the end - that's not static. That's a recording of a protest chant - "The whole world is watching!" - that we use during wrongful arrests.

Also, Communist Dude keeps... trying to spend time with me. (As in, kept texting me while house hunting.) I am not interested in Communist Dude, but it's also unclear if he's just lonely and wants a friend or if this is hitting on me. That lead to reminiscing about the time a white supremacist hit on me during Occupation. (No lie, he'd been trying to convince a bunch of anarchists and unionists why his skinhead ways were better than ours and then it rapidly turned into a "Hey baby! Hey baby!") We didn't come up with a very good reason that radicals on either end of the spectrum seem to find me attractive.

ie, I get anarchists, radical communists, white supremacists, Nazis, and socialists who hit on me, often awkwardly and unhappily. Middle of the road people tend to go, "Okay, you're weird."

I can understand leftist radicals - being a leftist radical, we're at least in the same boat, even if my reaction 90% of the time seems to be, "murgle, go away, sex is weird." And leftist radicals tend to be at least vaguely respectful. Or terrified of my friends. You know, one of the two.

I don't understand right radicals. I'm read female. A female in men's clothes - usually a variety of military coat and keffiyeh with boots - and short hair and anarchism. There's no part of that that should appeal to either Paul Ryan supporters or Neonazis. And yet, without fail, if I'm present at a fascist/antifascist stand off - a fascist hits on me and some antifascist friend of mine takes that as a personal offense for every antifascist in existence. But I'm the opposite of everything they proclaim to love about women. IDEK.

So, when we do get a place, what should we name it?
the gay fresh sentiment of the road: confusedconfused
the music falling in where it is wanted: State Radio - Big Man