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01 January 2013 @ 03:51 pm
Firefly Universe  
So it's 2013, I'm putting off buying the stuff for orange-curried chicken and packing to bring you my issues with the Firefly universe.

The Sino-American Empire is creepy. It's like 1984 and Stalin's Russia had terrifying sex and produced an evil space baby. They're creepy motherfuckers and you don't want to be on the wrong side of them and that's their job in the universe. They do it very well.

But our heroes, the Sturmabtielung CSA are really - Oh, whoops, they're not actually Confederate Brown Shirts... Our heroes just call themselves Browncoats (please note that the Wikipedia article offers a redirect to the Sturmatielang). And recently lost a "war for freedom." So failed freedom fighters with a weird Nazi fetish?

Except they, ostensibly, live in the Sino-American Empire. But we never see them do business with anyone of East Asian descent. Hell, they never even talk to anyone of Chinese or East Asian descent except for when she's a prostitute. So, they live in an empire where they're avoiding what's likely at least half the population (unless she's a prostitute at a brothel where someone's friends with the madam). And they call themselves Brownshirts- I mean, Coats. So our heroes are just racist freedom fighters with a Nazi fetish?

Except, more implicitly, Captain Reynolds and his lot are the Confederates. They're the cowboys of all our Westerns - the ones who lost the war and hang out on the fringe and want to rise again and have some racism problems. Whelp. Shit. Now we've got a world where our options are Confederates with a Nazi Fetish and 1984 in Space.

There are further, worse, implications about Reavers if Browncoats are the CSA. But if our options are Browncoats and Purplebellies - I think I'm taking the Reavers.

Joss Whedon, when asked about maybe actually casting some folks of Asian descent, replied with "Cultures inevitably blend even if it's through conquest and violence, even if one country invades another, eventually they're incorporated." If that's the basic idea driving his concept, I'm more uncomfortable with the universe.