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01 February 2013 @ 07:39 am
There's a New TV Show  
And it's called

Of course, triggers warnings for rape and pedophilia, but I think I really like this show or will, if it stays as strong as the pilot.

I like spinning some tropes on their heads (Elizabeth as the spy who goes out and sexes up the Americans, while Phillip is the one we see take their daughter shoe shopping). I also sort of adore all of Phillip's wigs. I love seeing Elizabeth being the completely badass one and Phillip wanting to defect for the family. And Phillip killing Timochev because he raped Elizabeth. And stabbing the pedophile in the hand. That's a specific brand of bad ass.

I want to know more about why the FBI agent was in with the white supremacists and why his wife thinks he's seeing that everywhere. Or deal with the fact that he completely broke into the Jenning's garage like it was totally legal.

But yes, I'm definitely watching this next week and seeing what happens next in the spy saga.