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01 October 2024 @ 05:35 pm
Diary of a Boondoggle  

One Shots:
New Béziers PG-13
Coda to 3.16: The Winchester boys were supposed to be dead, one in St. Louis, both in Colorado, not slaughtering a small town in Indiana.

Sideshow Freak PG
Bobby is family.

Tested By Fire PG-13
The boy king needs his brother. (Sam/Dean, Dark)
Now in Russian!

Bonnie and Clyde PG-13
Coda to 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues: Mara Daniels and Calvin Reidy discuss Mara's peculiar clients (Sam/Dean)

Truth G; John, Missouri

Clean Air RPS, PG (Jared/Jensen)

Five Times Sam Missed Dean PG; Sam, Dean

This Godforsaken Wilderness (AU, gen, complete, 21 003 words)
AU. Thirteen years ago, the Winchesters moved to Massachusetts and fit in almost seamlessly. Then, in 2002, Sam Winchester's life begins to spiral out of control after the inexplicable death of his brother's roommate.
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Always Burn to Be R, Sam/Dean
When Sam overextends his psychic abilities after exorcising a young girl, he and Dean learn to deal with the consequences of Hell and demon blood. Wincest.

An Extremely Circuitous Courtship PG; RPS (Jensen/Jared), humor
Jensen has a mancrush, Jared is a Terminator robot, and neither of them have plans for New Year's Eve.

Lix Tetrax R, Bobby Singer
Everyone knows that Bobby Singer killed his wife, stabbed her the chest. Everyone thought he was a nice man, taught up at the university, but just goes to show, you never really know a person.

It's the Most Manliest Day of the Year G, Jared Padalecki
Jared likes football. He really does.

Bloody Knuckles PG-13, Sam, Dean
lgbtfest: Sam never figured a bar fight in Nowheresville, Tennessee would lead to learning so much about his brother - or the hunting community.

Man's Best Friend PG, Sam/Dean, humour
After a hunt, Sam and Dean are found by a puppy. Dean never thought such a tiny furball could ruin his plans.

Nothing Half So Pleasant PG, Smith & Wesson
Dean Smith takes Sam Wesson home to meet his family.
Prequel: What Seems Possible PG, Smith & Wesson
for smallcaps: After leaving the Sandover building, Sam and Dean aren't done with the ghost - or each other.

Not An Ounce of Peace PG-13, very mild Sam/Dean
spn_j2_bigbang The Apocalypse isn't going down like Dean thought it would. Dean's running scared - Sam's got powers that even he doesn't know what to do with, the angels are dogging them, Dean has been having weird dreams about Sam, and the Trickster has appeared to have taken a special interest in Dean. Nothing's going right, nothing's by the book, and Dean doesn't know how to fix it. Art by thandie

Panty Time PG, crack, Sam/Castiel
Castiel learned seduction from Dean Winchester

Seek, PG, Lucifer/Castiel
Lucifer was the one to bring Castiel back.
and its sequel In Latter Days PG-13, Lucifer/Castiel, Anael/Uriel, Nick/Jimmy
Even the fallen seek their Father and even the fallen know how to find their brothers.

Knight of the Sun, PG, Chuck
There's not much that makes Christmas special in Camp Chitaqua: the angel Castiel stills keeps his steady high, Commander Winchester still runs his missions like a slave drive, and Prophet Shurely still shouts at God. Yet, somehow, it's the people of the camp who make sure it's still a holiday, bringing in light and warmth out of the darkness.

Gifts in One Hand, PG, Sam and Dean Winchester
Written for lgbtfest: In their time crisscrossing the country hunting evil and hiding out in motel rooms in small town America, Sam and Dean spent a few months living out life in a crossroads town in southern Alabama. Dean loved hunting and loved his family, but he'd learned not to expect anything from anyone else.

The True Story of the New World, R, Sam/Dean, Sam/Ruby, Sam/Castiel
Written for spn_j2_bigbang: ears after the world ended and their lives went to hell in a hand basket (metaphorically, not literally), Sam started writing books. Dean didn't care, not until it began to take Sam away from the hunt and away from him. But Dean never imagined that reading Sam's books could do what Heaven and Hell couldn't - tear them apart permanently.

Wonders of His Love, G, young Winchesters
When Sam was in kindergarten, they spent Christmas in Blue Earth.

And the Devil Makes Three, R, Sam/Dean, Dean/Jess
Warning: incest, dark themes
This is the story of Dean ben Azazel who set his sights on the living skin of the Great Redeemer, the hunter they call Sam Winchester. Dean, the son of a fallen angel and raised in Hell, chose to hunt the vessel of Lucifer through his greatest weaknesses, his love of Jessica Moore, and his need for companionship. Dean never questioned his devotion to Azazel's cause or his own demonic perogatives before meeting Sam, so why would he afterward?

Winchester comment fic: one

Samyaza Arc (AU, wip)
Closer to Comfort PG-13
In the dust and sun of west Texas, city and ghost town, avenue and interstate, two brothers learn about the love in pranks, the importance - and sorrow - of hunting knives, and just what it means to go through hell.

The Sour for the Sweet PG-15
After Dean's death, Sam walks a knife's edge. He becomes what his brother hates, for his brother's sake.

The Bone Shared (wip) PG-13, gen
Summary: A Torchwood employee could never have a quiet night at the pub or a normal family life. Ianto and Tosh go to America and chaos ensues.
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four


Three to Eternity PG-13, Jack/Ianto
Multi-Fandom Hug-Snuggle Fest Ianto dreams. Jack can chase dreams away. (Spoilers through CoE)

An Impossible Thing Universe
An Impossible Thing AU, PG
torchwood_s4 Living for so long on the edge of the rabbit hole, it never occurred to Jack that none of them knew how deep the Rift was - or just how far it could pull someone.

Harry Potter:
A Fateful Night in 1955 (crack)

The Magnificent Seven:

Seven Steps to the Left, PG, Mary
Written for m7land: If, before the Magnificent Seven ever had a chance to meet, Fate took seven steps to the left, it might have looked like this.

Genderbender 'Verse:
Any Road Will Take You There, PG-13, All
It's true they have one destiny. But did they have to be men? (Warning: Sexual Assault>

A Matter of Choice, PG-13, Ezra/Vin
When seven people return from a battle that wasn't even theirs, nothing seems to have changed. But appearances are deceiving.

Leverage/Magnificent Seven:
Collaboration, PG-13, Eliot/Vin, Sophie/Buck
They used to be bounty hunting partners.

Coming soon: Totally Cousins


Different, PG-13, Parker/Eliot
Eliot and Parker run into one of her fosters on a con.

Atomic Tangerine, PG, Leverage, Inc
Leverage, team, trying to decorate their individual areas when they have to switch offices

the price of eggs, PG, Eliot/Parker
Parker flirts very weirdly, since she thinks flirting is just doing stuff to make someone pay attention to you.

Eliot-centric comment-fic: one two three

Omelets, PG, Eliot
Eliot confesses to the team that he's an undercover federal agent

Five Times Eliot, Hardison, and Parker Weren't Sleeping Together and One Time They Were, PG-13, Eliot/Hardison/Parker
Five times Eliot, Hardison, and Parker weren't sleeping together and one time they were.

Three Leverage Five Times Fics

Three Dark Leverage Fics

Five Fluffy Leverage Fics

Four Odd Leverage Fics

Leverage Crossover Universe: PG
A series of shorts where Leverage, Inc crosses universes
One Two

Preacher's Daughter, PG, Eliot/Parker, Nate/Sophie
The Wild Wild West

St Nicholas Home for Troubled Youth Universe:
St Nicholas' Home for Troubled Youth, PG, Father Nate/Sister Sophia, Eliot/Parker
Leverage AU: At St Nicholas' Home for Troubled Youth, Eliot, Parker, and Alec look to Father Nathan and Sister Sophia for guidance.
Mr Banana, PG-13, Nate/Sophie, Eliot/Parker, Hardison focused; Warning: Mentions of child abuse
Three weeks after moving to Boston, Alec's principal wants a parent-teacher conference.

The Empath, PG-13, Sophie/Nate, Parker/Hardison, Parker/Hardison/Eliot, Parker/Eliot/Sophie
For leverageland: Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another sapient or semi-sapient being.
We Can Rebuild Him PG-13, Hardison/Parker/Eliot, implied Nate/Sophie
"We have the technology. We have the capability... Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."
Entropy and Chaos Magic, PG, Nathan Ford
"One should always look for any possible alternative to the exercise of destructive magic, for to be forced into the position of having to use it is a position of weakness."

Sam vs Dean and Why It Doesn't Work: An Approach to Character Analysis (Sam vs Dean argument, SPN fandom, 5/6/2009)

The Radical Notion That Women Are People, Too: Sexism Among SPN Fans (sexism, SPN fandom, 4/23/2009)

Mine's A Tale That Can't Be Told: Meta Meta Meta (SPN 4x19 The Monster at the End of this Book, the nature of meta, why fans matter, 4/2/2009)

This Isn't My Feminist Hat (my issues with Dollhouse, 3/29/2009)

Biphobia: It's What's for Dinner (bisexuality, prejudice, fandom, real life, 3/27/2009)

Destiny, Desire, and Despair or Hopey Mchopeypants the Third Hope (SPN 4x17 It's a Terrible Life, angels, Zachariah, redemption, hope, 3/26/2009)

Writing Thoughts and Links (writing, fanfiction, original fiction, research, 2/23/2009)

Hell Is Other People: Sam's Psychic Gifts in a New Light (SPN, Sam Winchester, fallen angels, demons, Hell, Azazel, 2/16/2009)

The Story of My (non)Existence: Bisexuals and Genre Television (bisexuality, media, 13, Dean Winchester, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, 2/6/2009)

SPN 2x13: Did They Get You To Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts? (SPN 2x13: Houses of the Holy, SPN season four, angels, redemption, 1/28/2009)

Wheelchairs and Shotguns: The Handicapped Other and the Supernatural Fandom (disabilty, fen, 1/20/2009)

Angelic Parallels in Heaven and Hell: Thoughts on Castiel and Sam in 4.10 (Supernatural, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Uriel, 4.10 Heaven and Hell, 1/8/2009)

I've Even Got An Improbably Ethnic Name (Supernatural, Castiel, Ruby, casting, 12/15/2008)

Wikipedia Is Your Friend: Angels and Demons (Supernatural, season four mythology, 11/22/2008)

Fear and Faith in the Winchester Brothers: Bringing Things Full Circle (Supernatural, fear and love as recurring themes, Sam, Dean 10/24/2008)

Incest in My Canon? (Supernatural, 4.03, incest, Chekov's gun, 10/3/2008)

Niccolo Makes Me a Misogynist: A Look at Dean Winchester's Violent Tendencies (Supernatural, 4.01, violence and minorities, 9/20/2008)

Why Supernatural is like the Evil Dead (Supernatural, violence, 9/18/2008)

Sex Meta: What's Wrong with Sex? (sex in fandom, 9/11/2008)

Social Commentary, BOO-YA (RPF, celebrity gossip, 6/6/2008)

Osama bin Laden/George W Bush OTP (sex, legalities, copyright, wank, 5/31/2007)
the gay fresh sentiment of the road: chipperchipper
keincaledkeincaled on June 23rd, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)
So we used to chat forever ago when I was Rebeccasama. I decided I might create a shiny new LJ and I'd really like to chat again so I thought I'd ask for a friending since you're mostly friends-only and I'm all friends-only. If you don't mind :)
Chasechikchasingtides on June 23rd, 2009 04:51 am (UTC)
Sure thing!
keincaledkeincaled on June 23rd, 2009 04:53 am (UTC)
Hey thanks :) I thought I might not get sucked into LJ again but dammit I missed it after awhile. This thing is like crack.
Chasechikchasingtides on June 23rd, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
At the moment, I'm more involved than usually since the local social scene is all bars. I'd rather be an internet addict than a drunk.
keincaledkeincaled on June 23rd, 2009 05:16 am (UTC)
That was me in Scotland. I just can't live at pubs so I totally lived online. Then I dropped off for awhile but now I've got the whole 'must post babbling nonsense about life and gay boys' urge. I guess it happens? How has it been with you?
Chasechikchasingtides on June 23rd, 2009 05:18 am (UTC)
I've been pretty good. I've also pretty clearly gotten sucked into the Supernatural fandom. I'm still not entirely sure how it happened, but I can't say that I really mind that much.
keincaledkeincaled on June 23rd, 2009 05:24 am (UTC)
You know, I've caught the odd ep of that and I've always wanted to see it all. The thing is, I just KNOW that's a show I'm totally going to get hooked on and fangirl my brains out on it. I guess that's not such a bad thing.
Chasechikchasingtides on June 23rd, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
It's definitely worth it - and you should be able to find streaming episodes online without much of a problem.
Virginia Fellvirginia_fell on August 28th, 2009 11:54 am (UTC)
I was scanning through racism_101, and even though I don't want to return to that community, I really enjoyed your commentary there. So I added you! If you're not comfortable adding me back, that's all good. I just wanted to let you know where this new commenter came from.
a particularly heartless line of binary code: s: marion cotillard avenuecharlie_d_blue on September 20th, 2009 05:10 am (UTC)
Hi, I stumbled across your Supernatural meta on angels and possession and thought it was brilliant, and the rest of your journal seems awesome, so I'm friending you to keep up with it all. :)
Anomie: Umbrellas and Rainextria on September 26th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
Briefly scanned through your Journal and you sound amazing (dying to try out some of your recipes ♥) hope you don't mind I added you dear.
Seiberwingseiberwing on October 28th, 2009 04:27 am (UTC)
Coming from your last sf_drama post (and I've stalked what little of your posts I can see now) and you seem like a really cool person--could I be friended?
Chasechikchasingtides on October 28th, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)
Sure thing!
the resurrection parade: hamster rocking outthe_moonshiner on December 10th, 2009 10:21 am (UTC)

I added you.
cherishedfemme on December 19th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
May I be added please?