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02 October 2008 @ 10:00 pm
When did SPN become HP fanfiction?  

Ok. To quote myself from talking to fhionnuiscetine: OMG THIS IS ALL MY FAVE HP FICS IN SPN CANON

And you know, the beginning was. For a completely contrived reason, Dean (taking the place of Harry Potter) was sent back in time and got to randomly meet his parents and other family members he never got to meet as a child. And everyone thought he was a crazy homeless dude. And then he gets to show off what an awesome hunter he is and how much he knows about cool cars. And then, just as randomly as he arrived, Dean gets to go back home and told that he needs to prevent the end of the world.

Oh, and then there was random incest, because what bizarre Harry Potter fanfiction is complete without bizarro sex? I mean, there's no apparent reason for possessed!Samuel to a) smell Dean's neck in a sexual way, asking if Dean was his kid, b) say that he wouldn't mind having babies with Mary, or c) make out with Mary at the end.

Okay. Yeah, I read (and write) Sam/Dean. But they come with criteria. I don't read Sam/Dean as kids/teens. That comes too close to abuse for me to be comfy. And Sam/Dean tends to be "Oh wow, we're codependent and fucked up." I know that the YED isn't (as far as we know) Mary's real dad, but that's still her dad's body saying he wouldn't mind making babies with her. And making out with her.

Ok, bad Harry Potter fanfiction plotline aside, I did adore the show. (There's a reason I read a million of those fics when I was more active in the HP fandom. I love those things.) (Also the names? Samuel and Deeana? Mary, you are so weird. Sam and Dean? You should be so happy John raised you.)

Two more things:

Even if Sam is there for about a minute in the episode, the entire episode is about him and the other psychic kids. So the Sam!girls? Can stop whining, thanks.

And seriously, this episode was all about breaking Dean into tiny, itty bitty Dean pieces on the floor. John think Dean is just damn weird - possibly nuts. Mary doesn't think much of Dean - and tells him that the worst thing she can imagine is her kids being hunters. And then Castiel telling Dean that he has to fix Sam or they will? Because Hell wasn't enough. The show has to take everything he loves and tear it away from him.

I loved this episode. Don't get me wrong. I just... Yeah.

Also, I can't unsee Mary/Samuel. And it kind of burns.
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Chasechik: you've got to be kiddingchasingtides on October 3rd, 2008 02:48 am (UTC)
I'm kind of distressed that everyone always wants Dean to kill Sam. Castiel made it clear that they don't know WHAT Sam is or why Azazel feed him his blood. That seems like a "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude. I think Dean will at least try to figure out what the flying hell is going on before he kills Sam.

And Dean was amazing in this episode. From waking up on the park bench, to crying in the living room, to breaking through the demon bonds, to his horror at seeing Mary kissing her possessed dad... the acting was great this week. And he's still really hot.
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Chasechik: sparkle highwaychasingtides on October 3rd, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)
Well, Castiel did tell Dean to fix Sam. Which kind of implies that he thinks Dean can save Sam.

Oh, gods, I hope Dean can save Sam.

I mean, they can go out in a blaze of glory together, defying both heaven and hell. Or just one. But I am so not okay with them killing each other.