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There wasn't enough Calvinistic predetermination in this week's Supernatural. It was all of this choice nonsense, which, you know, I get enough of at home. Castiel, where were you with your hard ass old-fashion Protestant values? And Dean, where are your depressing guilty Catholic thoughts? Stop paying attention to Sam's optimism! (Okay, yes, I want Sam to be saved blahblahblah, but I've been enjoying the range of opinions presented on the show.)

Also, there was brotherly fighting and loving, which I fully support. I don't think Dean's slammed Sam around like that since the pilot episode on the bridge. It made me extremely happy. They really needed to fight that out and yell and talk about Sam's demon blood and their lies. Also, Dean's love and apology at the end? Made the pain of the past three episodes worth it.

The rouxgaroux was deeply disappointing however. I know more about werewolf legends than the average horror buff because I'm a freak, but I do know about the rouxgaroux. I've often wondered about transplanting my werewolf novel to Louisiana for that purpose or if I could transplant the rouxgaroux up to Vermont. They're really awesome. They are weredogs or werecoyotes (not true werewolves as the legends originate in an area without wolves) who target guilty Catholics. If you encounter one, it is unlikely to kill you, though according to some legends, it may draw blood. Instead, it will likely drive you to commit suicide, according to most legends. The rouxgaroux mostly spend their time skulking in the bayou, making strange noises and scaring people. There are still periodically reports of rouxgaroux from outlying parishes in Louisiana.

So I was really sad when they were turning into wendigo. Because there are really rarely any subtypes of werewolves more different than rouxgaroux and wendigo.

Also, did we really need to be beat over the head with the fact that hunters whose last names aren't Harvelle, Singer, and Winchester are evil? Really? Because I think we could have figured that out from the fact that Dean's afraid they're going to hunt Sam.
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